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Auckland Transport

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Concessions now available for 3 years depending on your eligibility*

If you are a student enrolled with University of Auckland, you can receive discounted travel on trains, selected buses and ferries when you apply for an AT tertiary student concession on your AT HOP card. 

Auckland Transport is trialling a new tertiary concession application process with the University of Auckland, starting February 2018. If the trial goes well, we hope to introduce the new application process to other tertiary institutes in the following years.

Steps to get a tertiary concession for University of Auckland students

Step 1: Buy a card

If you don't have an AT HOP card then first buy a card. You need the card number to be able to register the card.

Step 2: Register your AT HOP card online and apply

Create MyAT online account and log in to register your AT HOP card and apply for tertiary concession online.

Step 3: Install and log into the AT Mobile app on your smart phone and take a passport style photo

Log in to the AT Mobile app using your MyAT account login and password and select Tertiary Concessions to display your concession status. Using the AT Mobile app in place of the tertiary ID stickers means your concession is valid for 3 years depending on your eligibility.* You will also need to have your AT Mobile App on hand when using public transport to prove your eligibility.

Step 4: Load the concession on your AT HOP card

Go to an AT Customer Service Centre to load the concession onto your card. Remember to present your AT HOP card and the tertiary concessions status page in the AT Mobile app, displaying your photo and eligibility status. 

* The 3 year concession is subject to your ongoing eligibility as a full time student and it is being trialled as part of improving the process to obtain an AT HOP tertiary concession. Should this trial cease at any time, we will notify you and advise when your concession will expire.

Apply for tertiary concession 

Log in to your MyAT HOP account or create MyAT account to register your AT HOP cardSevyn Dress Women's Stone Pump LifeStride ROzxwnHq.

If you do not have a smartphone

If you do not have a smartphone you can get an AT Tertiary ID sticker on your Tertiary student ID card from the University of Auckland and your concession will need to be renewed every 6 months to a year. Apply without using AT Mobile

Services not covered for tertiary concession

There are some bus and ferry services which are not covered under the tertiary concession discount scheme including:

  • SkyBus.
  • Waiheke Ferry services.

Auckland Transport and its operators reserve the right to add or remove any route or service from the discount scheme at any time without notice. If in doubt, students should check directly with the relevant operators to see if they accept the AT tertiary ID sticker on their services.

What you need to know

  • Your AT HOP card needs to be registered before a tertiary concession can be applied.
  • You may only hold one AT HOP card with a tertiary concession on it.
  • If you have chosen not to apply using the AT Mobile App, your AT HOP tertiary concession will expire on the same date as your student ID or AT tertiary ID sticker, whichever is the earliest.
  • When using public transport, tertiary students must have their AT Mobile App or current tertiary student ID card with a current AT tertiary ID sticker with them and present it on request to prove their eligibility for travel (PDF 52KB).

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