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Benefits of using the Millon Inventories:

  • Both theoretically driven and empirically guided: The Millon inventories blend together both Dr. Millon's theory and sound empirical research to form a cohesive understanding of an individual's personality.

  • Closely correlated with the DSM®: A connection with the DSM® classification system of personality disorders increases their diagnostic utility and facilitates easy communication among practitioners.

  • Brief yet comprehensive: Brevity is the hallmark of the Millon inventories that are designed to obtain the maximum amount of information with a minimum number of test items and patient effort. As the need for efficient and accurate differential diagnosis of complex disorders grows, this feature has become increasingly valued.

  • Enable more effective treatment planning: Customized Interpretive Reports help bring critical concerns to light and provide a foundation upon which treatment plans can easily be developed.

  • Quick administration and scoring: Digitally administer, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports using our Q-global® web-based platform.

Dr. Theodore Millon on the
Millon Inventories and
field of personality

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Dr. Millon on designing the
MCMI-IV to facilitate the
therapeutic plans of the clinician

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Millon Family of Assessments

Adult Clinical & Counseling Inventories

MCMI®-IV (Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV)

Widely used adult personality instrument that provides DSM-5® related clinical insights into a patient's personality.

MCMI®-III (Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III) Corrections

Incisive assessment of offenders' personality that can lead to better security, management, and treatment decisions.

MIPS® Revised (Millon® Index of Personality Styles Revised)

Comprehensive assessment for normally functioning adults who may experience difficulties in work, family, or social relationships.

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Brief personality inventory designed to address college student specific issues and concerns.

Adolescent & Pre-Adolescent Inventories

M-PACI® (Millon® Pre-Adolescent Clinical Inventory)

Brief assessment to detect emerging personality patterns in troubled pre-adolescents that prevent them from thriving.


MACI® (Millon® Adolescent Clinical Inventory)

Clinical personality assessment designed to address unique concerns, pressures and situations for troubled adolescents.


MAPI® (Millon® Adolescent Personality Inventory)

Assessment of personality characteristics for use with both typical and troubled adolescents to identify behavior patterns.

Medical Patient Inventory

MBMD® (Millon® Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic)

Brief assessment of psychosocial factors that may support or interfere with an individual's course of medical treatment.





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